About Us

Devin Grant and Francisco Sanchez grew up on comfort food—foods that nurtured them and filled them with love. Flavor was created so that diners searching for their own version of familiar foods could find them here.

Years ago, as roommates, Grant and Sanchez hosted parties and enjoyed each other’s camaraderie and the friendships that were forged. In 2010 they had the opportunity to hold dinners at a popular breakfast spot, Sally’s, in San Francisco. It was an early version of a pop-up, named Sally’s After Dark. Their house parties morphed into something more permanent, more substantial and special.

In January 2011, Flavor opened, and it continues to expand on the fundamental idea—to serve the best food with consistency at a fair price, source the best ingredients from vendors with integrity, and treat staff and customers like family.

Their circle has grown remarkably from the first time they met and threw open their little kitchen for family and friends. As Flavor becomes a favorite spot for locals and visitors to the Coast, Grant and Sanchez hope that it becomes your place when looking for the flavors of home.