Devin Grant

Growing up in Stinson Beach, California, and later San Francisco, Devin Grant always had an affinity for the Coastal lifestyle. He knew that no matter how busy his life would become, he would always find comfort in the Coast. His father, James Grant, was a noted artist, painter, and sculptor, and taught his family to appreciate the beauty of art in the simplest things. Grant was raised on wonderful food, especially hearty Italian dishes that he still prefers. Before Grant ventured into the restaurant realm, he was the Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Notre Dame de Namur University. In fact, it was on a recreational volleyball court where he first met Sanchez many years ago. Grant managed to adjust quickly from volleyball to food. Within just the last few years he dabbled in catering with Sanchez, held dinners at Sally’s After Dark, and opened a West Sacramento pizza restaurant, Wicked West Pizza & BBQ. Living in El Granada, Grant manages to attend to the task of running both restaurants, often with the companionship of his Lab Dusty.

Francisco Sanchez

Coffee, boutique wines, and Italian syrups are just some of the food products that Francisco Sanchez has managed and promoted during his longstanding career in the food industry. Most recently, acting as Facilities Operations Manager for Torani Italian Syrups, Sanchez gained keen insight into the operations of an international brand. And having many years of experience managing large teams of employees, either working directly for him or within the larger company structure, Sanchez appreciates and recognizes each of Flavor’s employee contributions. Family influenced his need to always be near the table—not for the food necessarily but for the nurturing it provided. Joining together as a unit to discuss, reconnect, and savor the little moments in life is how Sanchez grew up. It’s how he still nurtures himself and his restaurant, with his staff as he treats as his family today.

In honor of Super Bowl 50, Francisco was recently chosen as one of three distinguishing “Flavors of the Bay” chefs for Taste of the NFL.  He is very proud to be working together with some of the nation’s finest chefs and the NFL’s best players to raise money for local food banks.